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@UEDAsensei:「レーダーに反応、嵐の中心部、捉えました!ラピュタです!」 「ついに…ついに見つけたぞ!

look at what Ueda sensei just posted im crying

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Rabe Socke Feature Film Production Design. Man Arenas

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Theses were made on PTSAI, back in 2010. Nowadays, I cant seems to be happy with any of my paintings, so these are pretty rare.

I never did the fire version, so don’t ask for it. (Sorry! ;o;)

The grass version’s background is based on a friend area from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon called Mushroom Forest.

All of my paintings in that moment of time was inspired by the magnificent PurpleKecleon!

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Hztm :

We have drawn a piece last.
I hope you find it taking your hand if.
Special page here

Of that your job illustrations because it was the first time, I remember it was a saying Tokinie …!?, Just ask us mail came. In fact, one piece picture color I’m not good.

But can be side by side names with gorgeous writing staff customers, it is very happy.

Tossa, Oh, I said thank you ~ I (◞◔◟ 4◞◔◟ ‘) it is said color picture is I became a vivid recent representative’s, but I think suddenly later, separately now I guy embarrassed by gone thank you to not necessarily have been praised.

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Fuusenchan :

Gorgeous illustrations by Kii Kanna for her Umibe no Etranger manga.

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